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Bouctouche Bay

Located in Bouctouche New Brunswick, Great Little Harbour 
is the processing facility of the Chebooktook Oyster.


Bouctouche Bay is protected by “La Dune de Bouctouche” a 9.7 KM long ridge of sand formed over centuries by the wind and stormy seas.


The dune has almost enclosed the bay area over most of it’s length leaving an opening at the mouth of the bay 1.8 km wide. The dune is still expanding today.


This unique ecosystem and the cold waters provide exceptional growing conditions (meroir) for our oysters with just enough wave action to form  perfect shells, with good quantities of phytoplankton for feeding.


The dune serves as protection from the harshest elements and  the bay provides just the right “pinch” of sea salt. 

Serge Bay Photo.jpeg
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