27 years in the making

In 1995, Serge LeBlanc, a graduate from the University of Moncton in biology, knew that the ideal conditions of Bouctouche Bay would allow the native oyster (crassostrea virginica) to be cultivated and served on dinner plates around the world.
However, the road to get there has been a long and arduous one. 
His philosophy was to get the oysters off the sea floor, away from mud flats and position them at the right depth in the water column where phytoplankton is most abundant and with a little care nature
would do the rest.
From that philosophy Acadian Bay Enterprises was born. 
Over a span of 27 years, Serge LeBlanc, B.Sc., biologist and designer of the original OysterGro System concept has perfected his growing methods and techniques to ensure the best quality and consistent oysters possible – the Chebooktook, Belle du Jour and the Dixon Point.